e-commerce solutions

Your website visitor must be able to find and access your products with ease and purchase them without difficulty or confusion if they are to give you their business.

By employing user-centred techniques, we develop e-commerce applications that directly address end-user needs and present online processes in the most intuitive and efficient manner possible.

Our solutions support current and future business strategy and deliver measurable business results. Cost is reduced and efficiency improved through our use of re-usable frameworks and potted architectures.

Our e-commerce services

Our e-commerce services range from product catalogues and shopping carts, accepting valid secure credit card payment transactions over the internet, through to product personalisation, integration with back-office systems and full-blown e-commerce solutions that can support split orders and staged fulfilment from distributed warehouses.

There are many issues to consider when embarking on a project of this nature. From the outset we can advise on how to best identify the opportunities for e-commerce within your business and advise on the solutions available.

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