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As the importance of online channels increase, the use of e-mail marketing provides a highly cost-effective method to build stronger client relationships and retain customer loyalty.

Email Marketing Mumbai

Done correctly, e-mail marketing can not only be breathtakingly affordable but also extremely effective. Depending on how you plan to measure (by opened messages, click-throughs or conversion rates) and your targets (whether new, existing or best customers), e-mail marketing can yield response rates that range from a positive 5% to a heady 50%.

RA-360 has the simple, intuitive, online tools you need to get the best results. We can create highly targeted e-mail marketing campaigns that reach the right audience, extend your brand, and drive customers to your website. Our design team has a proven track record in creating high impact e-mail marketing materials that will instantly grab the attention of the recipient.

To support the campaign we can also create engaging product specific microsites to further enhance the message.

Compared to direct mail, the costs involved are significantly lower, as is the cost to the planet. But this is not just a green alternative, it's a powerful form of communication that makes sense on every level.

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