Our advisory work has led to identifying potential financial risk to companies, resulting in annual savings and prevention of substantial losses.


approach to advisory assignments is proactive.

Our engagement is neither theoretical, nor do we present huge reports at the end of the assignment. Rather, we work very closely with the owner/CEO and the senior management to draw up a practical framework and more importantly, assist in implementing the change. In our experience, execution is critical.

Salvus is experienced in bringing about transformational change in organizations. We work with companies based on our collective 85 years of banking experience during which we have worked with hundreds of firms, helping them to change and adapt to an increasingly competitive and opportunistic environment.

With this approach, we have brought about radical change in our clients, turning around loss making units, business planning and performance management systems instituted, staff efficiency improved, and so on.

Our advisory work has also led to identifying potential financial risk to the companies, resulting in annual savings as well as prevention of substantial losses.